Our New Location

We are so excited to announce that we have been able to move to a new location, which will allow us to help more women!  We will be increasing our capacity from 6 at one time, to 10.  This space is perfect for our growing organization, and we are full of gratitude to the many people who worked with us to make this possible.    

Our First Lady, Our First Completion!

I am so excited to update everyone about our progress here at The Way Out Sober Living Home.  I am extremely impressed with the hard work our first lady has put into her recovery.  She never once took her eye off the goal, and she never once lost sight of what she was trying to gain along the way either.  The work she put into herself has paid off immensely, and as I presented her with her certificate of completion we both became very emotional.  It was not the first time we cried together during this journey, and I'm sure it will not be the last.     

New Program Offered

We will now be offering MRT to our clients.  This particular program targets treatment resistant clients, that have struggled with substance abuse disorder.  This evidence based program will help clients to make decisions from a higher level of moral reasoning.  It really is an awesome addition to the services we already provide.  We strive to offer our clients the very best services and programs while they are residing at our facility.  

Addiction in the Midwest

     Today I read an article on yahoo news describing the new battle ground for heroin. In it it depicts the recent surge in heroin usage and overdoses. The places that are being hit hard might surprise you. One, the Midwest, two, the suburbs. This is not a problem to be hidden, or junkies in an alley. This is happening in our neighborhoods, to good, middle class families. The old adage of 'this doesn't happen here' is not only wrong, it can be deadly.

     The article talks about a grandfather who lost his grandson to an overdose. So distraught was he to find out that not only had this affected his family, but many in his suburb, he donated 340,000 dollars to the Robert Crown Center to fight heroin addiction. Indiana is specifically mentioned in the article as a state hit hard by heroin's resurgence. Join those of us at The Way Out Sober Living Home, Inc. who are fighting to make a difference. Contact us to find out how. I have included a link to the article, please read it to find out just what our children and neighbors are facing. Thank you, and God Bless.